One of the best parts about living in the moment is being able to plan ahead. Whether you’re visualizing your future as a retiree in Florida or picturing your next big trip, it can be fun to think about what might come next. But sometimes you need a little help from others when planning such an important trip. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of bucket list destinations for every type and budget. From Athens to Osaka, we will introduce travel worthy spots around the globe that are worth checking out before you kick the bucket (no pun intended)!


Greece is a wonderful place to travel with your family, couples or solo travel. The food, culture and history are amazing. There are many beaches in Greece where you can relax and enjoy the sun. The nightlife is great if you want to party (or not), and there are also many historical buildings for architecture buffs to admire.

The weather in Greece ranges from hot to cool depending on the season, but it’s generally dry all year round so don’t worry about getting rained out of your trip!

While Greece may seem expensive due to its high number of tourists staying there at any given time, it also offers budget options for those who want them–such as hostels or bed & breakfasts instead of hotels. Travel insurance is highly recommended since Greece has some potentially dangerous areas that make up part of its landscape (e.g., Crete).

So, there are a lot of great places to visit in the world. But it’s also important to know that you don’t have to travel far or spend a ton of money on your trip. If you have time over winter break or summer break, consider taking one of these bucket list trips. It will be an amazing experience and you’ll learn new things about yourself as well!


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