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Tired of getting left on read trying to organize a trip with your group chat?

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You have booked your amazing getaway (cheering for you)! But now you need to schedule activities/excursions to participate in your destination. No need to fret. At Explore Blue Travel we got you covered!

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Whether it’s a girls trip, couples trip or group trip, Explore Blue Travel is it. Our couples trip to Hawaii was EVERYTHING!! We explored the island, hiked, ziplined, parasailed, and even did a luau. The restaurants were amazing too!! Explore Blue Travel made sure we were able to do everything we wanted. And the process was quite simple. Explore Blue Travel makes everything streamlined so don’t hesitate! I will always choose Explore Blue Travel for my travel needs!!!

- Michelle

What Makes Us Special ?

Top-Tier Locations

We scan the world for the top luxury locations that allow you to experience full relaxation, maximum fun, and expert-planned adventure.

Stress-Free Planning

Want a scotch-free planning experience (with a side of scotch while beachside)? Our busy professionals love that they can simply choose a date and location, and know that 90% of their trip is planned with a high level of detail.

White-Glove Service

With our agency, the service just begins after you confirm. We take pride in having an on-site ambassador at each trip to add that extra touch of comfort and customer service.

Meet Zondra


Hi, I'm Zondra

I’m Zondra Sexton-Holmes, the driving force and soul behind Explore Blue Travel. Listen, Sis, I saw a need that was begging for attention—amazing women like you, juggling careers, families, and all the things, but often putting yourselves last on the list. While I initially founded Explore Blue Travel with a focus on women of color, let’s set the record straight: every woman, from every walk of life, deserves a luxurious escape that’s all about her!

Now, let’s talk destinations. Oh, the places I’ve been and the places we’ll go! From the heavenly beaches of Hawaii and the Dominican Republic to the rhythmic heartbeats of Miami and New Orleans, these spots are more than just pins on a map. They’re fragments of my heart’s mosaic, each one adding a unique color and texture to my life’s tapestry. And trust me, the list is ever-growing, just like my love for travel!

You see, travel isn’t just a pastime for me; it’s a deep-rooted passion that’s been cultivated over decades. These journeys are more than just passport stamps; they’re soulful imprints that have shaped who I am. And that’s the magic we bring to Explore Blue Travel. We transform this passion into unforgettable, soul-soothing experiences just for you.

And let’s get real for a moment—sometimes you’re ready to jet off, but your best friend, spouse, or favorite cousin can’t make it. Should that stop you? Absolutely not! That’s why we host transformative group trips. Our mission is to ensure that no woman feels left behind or has to postpone her travel dreams just because her crew isn’t ready when she is. Join us, and let’s make some unforgettable memories together!

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